PureImage NR reduces noise-defects and matches the colors in the picture
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Cameras have come a long way, and so have photography and the process to develop these photographs. Most of the algorithms that are still used to develop images were designed a long way back. Obviously, these algorithms don’t get very well with the digital cameras being used today. PureImage NR is a software for advanced users that reduces noise-defects and matches the colors in the picture, thus enhancing the quality of the digital image.

PureImage has a great set of features attached to it. The wavelet Noise reduction is the best feature of this software. The auto-tuning of the noise function enables PureImage to tune different noise types across the image. This makes the interface more users friendly and can be universally accepted for all digital and the regular film cameras.

Also, some advanced processing presets have been used for finer tuning of the NR algorithm. There are five different modes attached to it, namely, default mode, nature mode, portrait mode, high noise mode and scanner mode. Switching over to color matching and picture correction, this software gives you the most precise tools for perfect digital photography. This includes adjusting of highlights and shadows levels as well as the color temperature filter, fixing exposure compensation and boosting colors.

With the introduction of PureImage, image processing has gone a complete change, changing the conventional process of image developing.

Luis Sanchez
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